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  • 31 Mar 2016 4:16 PM | Susan Grivno (Administrator)

    This guest post on the DonorSearch blog by Jennifer Filla explores rabbit-holes in research--when to go down them and when to walk away!

  • 31 Mar 2016 12:07 PM | Susan Grivno (Administrator)

    Katie Rost, a cast member of Bravo's "The Real Housewives of Potomac," has stated that philanthropy is her "legacy and . . . calling." The Washington Post has called out the reality show personality as her charitable organization, The Rost Foundation, hasn't really given much of anything over the past decade or so:

  • 31 Mar 2016 8:09 AM | Susan Grivno (Administrator)

    Listen to this podcast by Helen Brown and Elizabeth Roma for insights on researching foundations:

  • 30 Mar 2016 9:08 PM | Susan Grivno (Administrator)

    This Blackbaud study challenges the long-held belief that election years are worse for our nonprofit organizations because of the “competition” from political campaigns.

  • 30 Mar 2016 7:28 AM | Susan Grivno (Administrator)

    In this guest post on the iWave blog, Preeti Gill talks about the benefits of networking with folks outside your own sphere:

  • 29 Mar 2016 9:00 PM | Susan Grivno (Administrator)

    Click on the image below for more information about DonorScape, GG+A's suite of prospect analysis services!

  • 29 Mar 2016 8:46 PM | Susan Grivno (Administrator)

    Prosecutors charge former Blackstone executive Andrew Caspersen with taking funds from charity to trade stocks in his personal account:

  • 29 Mar 2016 11:37 AM | Susan Grivno (Administrator)

    How did naming rights become so important to philanthropy? "One percent of philanthropic donations are anonymous—​the rest come with strings attached."

  • 28 Mar 2016 8:00 PM | Susan Grivno (Administrator)

    Click on the image below for more information about iWave!

  • 25 Mar 2016 12:16 PM | Susan Grivno (Administrator)

    A large foundation built on oil has declared it's now "morally reprehensible" to invest in oil & gas exploration:

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